Don DiPietro


DON DiPIETRO has over twenty years' experience as a senior executive for broadcast, cable, and Internet ventures with particular focus in emerging technology, media production and distribution, digital rights management, commoditized trading systems, document assurance and secure file management.


Most recently, Mr. DiPietro has been instrumental in building and deploying the world’s first secure, online Notary Public system to operate under direct partnership with state and federal governments. His responsibilities at Information Assurance Corp. included platform development, IP strategy, Marketing, Advertising, PR and IR.  Prior to this, Mr. DiPietro served as: President and CEO of NetColonies, Inc.; Senior Vice President, Business Development for Matchcraft, Inc. where he was instrumental in building one of the first exchange-based market platforms for online advertising; Vice President of the New Media Group at MGM/UA as Creator/Executive Producer of the eMerica Programming Channel; and Senior Producer for NBC Digital Productions where, in 1997, he created Access Hollywood’s Big Break Contest – the world's first live, interactive online beauty competition (six years before Mark Zuckerberg launched “Facemash”).


As President and co-founder of Los Angeles-based VSI/VidStrip, Inc. Mr. DiPietro and his team provided high-end production, marketing, and media oversight for over sixty million dollars of production spending across a dozen Fortune 500 clients including Paramount, Disney, Universal, Warner Brothers, ABC, CBS, USWest, and Hong Kong Cable Communications, personally representing HKCC before the Legislative Council in the client’s successful bid for the territorial cable franchise. With GTE’s Advanced Operations & Testing Division , he was instrumental in the launch and rapid growth of Center Screen, a pioneering VOD system in Cerritos, California.


Mr. DiPietro received an MBA from USC’s Marshall School of Business and a BFA from CalArts where he was a student and then protégé of British film director/educator Alexander Mackendrick. Mr. DiPietro was a founding member of Cable Positive, the cable industry’s AIDS organization and a member of the Future Leaders Society at the Aspen Institute. He has been an invited lecturer at the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, published articles on technology and media issues, appeared on radio and television and spoken at industry events.


Mr. DiPietro lives with his family in Los Angeles, California.