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I receive requests for the following reports on topical media issues including DMID (digital media Identification),  advertising exchanges, and so forth. so I've made them available here...


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The Advertising Exchange

Advertising in a $100 Billion economy built on trading systems  developed over a hundred years ago. This model will eliminate the inefficiencies inherent in that outdated system.

Introduction to DMID

Today, the near-monopoly middle-men ­– the cable, satellite, telecom and other purveyors of overpriced bandwidth ­– continue to resist common sense efficiencies because they are extracting obscene amount of high-margin profits from the current model, but not for long. Moving the "intelligence" from the delivery platform to the content itself will change everything. Try to imagine the global marketplace for physical products without UPC bar-code. Now imagine what happens to digital media marketplace when the same rules apply.