Don DiPietro





Occasionally, I stumble across (or create) a useful tool that I'm happy to share...

This is a powerful Human Resources worksheet I built a few years ago and have used several times to great success. It's designed to track employee costs across an entire organization from the initial startup phase through the first five years. It will expand and contract to show the financial effects of hiring and growth at various degrees of detail. You might notice how each employee row will produce a different color whenever there is a change in cost basis. This is especially useful for investment decisions and budget planning.


The attached Excel file is copy protected but you can download it to see the types of reports it can generate. If you'd like to use this worksheet, simply drop me an email and I'll send you its most current template, the password, and a few helpful suggestions.

Several times a year, I am asked to review a two-sheeter for style and content and this one always gets high marks. It's always difficult to structure a short pitch piece and especially difficult when the the business model is complex. I have seen hundreds (and created dozens) but this one still stands out.


This is a .pdf file. if anyone  wants the MSWord original, just ask.